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In 2008, Biomet Orthopedics announced a recall on its Modular Microplasty Cup Inserter hip implant. This was not the first time that a Biomet Hip product was removed from the medical device market following a large number of customer complaints. In only 2001, Biomet was one of several companies affected by a recall on zirconia ceramic femoral heads. Both recalls were issued due to higher than normal failure rates among patients. The Modular Microplasty Cup Inserter, used for hip prosthesis, was reported to be at a high risk of breaking under impact. Many lawsuits have been filed against the Biomet Company as well as several other makers of Hip Implant devices including: Zimmer, DePuy, and Wright. A  Biomet hip implant product liability lawsuit is one way of managing the large expenses that can come with treating a hip implant failure.

Biomet Hip Implant Lawsuit

A Texas woman filed a lawsuit against Biomet Orthopedics after experiencing complications from her M2A Magnum hip replacement system. This plaintiff claims that her metal-on-metal hip implant failed alarmingly soon after her initial treatment. This Biomet Hip Implant lawsuit alleges that the Biomet product was defectively designed as well as manufactured. In this case, treatment with a Biomet Hip Implant resulted in hip and groin pain, inflammation, trouble walking and standing, as well as other hip implant failure complications.

Biomet Hip Implant Failure

Hip replacement (surgery with a hip implant) is supposed to last for around 15 years; many patients treated with a Biomet Hip Implant experience complications and/or hip implant failure within only a few years. In the lawsuit mentioned above, the patient experienced complications almost immediately following the surgery. Zirconia Ceramic Femoral Head, the Biomet Hip Implant piece that was the subject of the 2001 recall, demonstrated a high fracture rate. When this type of Biomet hip implant failure occurs, patients will likely experience a grinding feeling. The United States Food and Drug Administration has requested that Biomet collect more data regarding metallosis, another condition that can occur due to hip implant complications.

File a Biomet Lawsuit: Speak to a Hip Implant Attorney

If you or a loved one experienced hip implant failure after treatment with a Biomet, DePuy, Wright, or Zimmer hip replacement, you may have a legal right to financial compensation. Call the Willis Law Firm, so that we can help you assess whether a Biomet Hip Implant Recall Lawsuit is the right choice for you. All hip implant clients are taken on a contingency fee basis, so you will not have to pay unless a recovery is obtained. Currently, our firm is evaluating hip implant cases nationwide.

Metallosis is a type of metal poisoning that can occur following treatment with a metal-on-metal hip implant, like those offered by Biomet Orthopedics for hip replacement surgery. This medical condition occurs when the metal parts of the implant rub against one another and shed tiny metal particles that can build up in the blood or surrounding tissues over time. Metallosis was first identified when DePuy Orthopedics (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) recalled a set of hip implants several years ago. When metallosis occurs, the buildup of metal elicits a response from the immune system, which can cause the area to become inflamed. Treatment of metallosis usually requires surgical removal of the Biomet hip implant in order to avert the further deposition of metal in the body.

Symptoms of Biomet Hip Implant Metallosis

Metallosis can manifest itself in a variety of ways; some of the most common indicators of metal build up following treatment with a Biomet hip implant include:

Pain or inflammation around the hip implant

Buildup of fluid near the implant (looks like a tumor)

Skin rash or discoloration (happens as a result of the metal killing the tissue)

Elevated levels of metal in the blood (cobalt and/or chromium)

Loosening or displacement of the implant

When metallosis or any other complication related to hip replacement surgery is suspected, it is important to get medical attention right away. Only a doctor is qualified to identify and/or diagnose this condition. Promptness in seeking medical attention can also greatly increase a patient’s chance for success.

Biomet Hip Implant Lawsuits

Many patients dissatisfied with the complications they experience due to their Biomet hip implant make the decision to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. A Biomet hip implant or metallosis is filed on the basis that the manufacturer could have or should have been aware of its device potential harm and failed in its duty to correspondingly alert and warn consumers. The financial settlement that can occur from a lawsuit is often very helpful in financing the necessary

File a Biomet Metallosis Lawsuit: Speak to an Attorney

Have you been treated with a Biomet (or other) hip implant and experienced metallosis and/or other complications following surgery? Did you require a revision surgery within only a few years of receiving a hip replacement? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may be eligible for a monetary settlement through a Biomet hip implant lawsuit. Call the Willis Law Firm today in order to discuss your legal options. We are currently accepting hip implant cases regarding the following companies on a national scale: Biomet, Zimmer, Wright, and DePuy. Call us today and let us help you get the money that you may be entitled to.

In the wake of multiple FDA recalls of hip replacement devices, many dissatisfied patients have responded by filing lawsuits against the large companies that manufacture these various hip implants. One woman in Texas has filed a lawsuit against Biomet Orthopedics, a prominent medical device company from Warsaw, Illinois. This lawsuit was filed after the plaintiff experienced multiple serious complications following treatment with a Biomet Hip Implant; she claims the metal-on-metal product was defective by both design and manufacturing. As a result she underwent pain in her hip and groin areas as well as problems walking and standing up, and inflammation.

Biomet Hip Implant Failure

Hip replacement surgery is supposed to last about fifteen years, but many patients treated with Biomet Hip Implants experience complications within a fraction of that time. Some patients begin to experience pain and discomfort almost immediately following treatment. Hip implant failure typically manefests as a combination of one or more of the following:

  • Pain
  • Grinding Sensation
  • Difficulty Transitioning Between Sitting and Standing
  • Metallosis (buildup of metal in body tissues)

When a Biomet Hip Implant fails, the patient must undergo what is called a “Revision Surgery” in order to avert further injury and/or complications. Many people may be unable to work as a result of their Biomet hip implant injuries; this fact coupled with requiring revision surgery becomes a highly expensive scenerio, so filing a Biomet lawsuit is one way to help manage these potential costs.

Biomet Hip Implant Recall

Hip implants made by Biomet Orthopedics have been the subject of recalls by the United States Food and Drug Administration on more than one occasion. In 2001, Biomet hip products were one of several products recalled due to their use of zirconia ceramic femoral heads, which came under fire for breaking under impact. In 2008, a Biomet hip implant product was the subject of another recall: this time it was the Modular Microplasty Cup Inserter.

File a Biomet Hip Implant Lawsuit: Talk to an Attorney

If you experienced pain, difficulty walking/standing, or needed revision surgery following treatment with a hip implant, you may have a potential Biomet Hip Implant lawsuit. Call the Willis Law Firm today for your free initial Biomet Hip Implant lawsuit consultation. Currently, our firm is accepting hip implant clients nationwide regarding the following companies:

  • Biomet
  • Zimmer
  • Wright
  • DePuy

All hip implant lawsuit cases are handled on a contingency fee basis; you will not be billed for attorney’s fees or other legal expenses unless a successful recovery is obtained. Call us today;  let us help you get the settlement you deserve.