Devices and Implants

November 9, 2011

Johnson & Johnson Gynecare Prolift Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Following the recent FDA warnings against the significantly higher risk of complications associated with using transvaginally implanted mesh, many female patients have pursued lawsuits against Johnson […]
November 8, 2011

Johnson & Johnson Gynecare Prosima Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

In the past few years, hundreds of thousands of patients have been treated with transvaginal mesh, like Johnson & Johnson’s Gynecare Prosima for the conditions of […]
November 7, 2011

Johnson & Johnson Gynecare TVT Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

On 7/13/2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a warning addressed to health care professionals as well as the general public regarding the risks associated […]
November 4, 2011

Johnson & Johnson Ethicon TVT Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

After the issuance of multiple warnings by the FDA regarding the use of transvaginal mesh used for the treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse, many patients have […]
October 11, 2011

ObTape Lawsuit

Mentor’s ObTape sling is a surgically inserted medical device used to treat female patients who suffer from stress urinary incontinence, or SUI. This condition, also known […]
October 6, 2011

Bladder Sling Mesh Erosion Lawsuits

Bladder slings are medical devices used in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Many bladder slings have not met reasonable […]
October 5, 2011

ObTape Mesh Erosion Lawsuits

Recently, several lawsuits have been filed against the Mentor Corporation with regards to its poorly designed and manufactured ObTape Sling device. The trans-obturator tape sling was […]
October 5, 2011

Vaginal Mesh, Bladder Slings and ObTape Lawsuits

Transvaginal Mesh (Mesh Erosion) Bladder Slings (Mesh Erosion) ObTape (Mesh Erosion) Surgical Mesh FDA Warning On October 20, 2008, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued […]
August 2, 2011

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Recently, an El Paso woman filed a transvaginal mesh lawsuit against American Medical Systems (AMS) due to issues with her vaginal mesh implant manufactured by American […]