Tysabri PML Lawsuits-Willis Firm Representing Two Families

December 20, 2010


Tysabri PML Lawsuits – Willis Law Firm Representing Families of Two Tysabri PML Patients

Houston, Texas – December 20, 2010 – The Willis Law Firm, currently representing two of the fewer than seventy-five known cases of Tysabri induced PML worldwide, is accepting new Tysabri PML clients and lawsuits.

According to the FDA, Tysabri (also known as natalizumab), a drug prescribed in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Crohn’s disease, has been linked to the increased risk of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML).  PML is a very rare and opportunistic viral infection of the brain that usually leads to severe disability and/or death. Tysabri was pulled from the market over safety concerns in 2005 but returned a year later in 2006.

Current Willis Law Firm Tysabri PML clients include:

  • 36 year old female multiple sclerosis patient who had been infused with Tysabri 24 times over a period of two years.  She was diagnosed with PML in 2009 and is now under 24 hour care and has lost the ability to communicate.  She was a member of the Tysabri “Touch Program” and is listed as only the 7th Tysabri PML case in the world and only the 2nd in the U.S. 
  • Family of a deceased 40 year old multiple sclerosis patient and mother of two.  According to medical records, the patient’s MS symptoms were under control at the time she was prescribed Tysabri.  Following only her second Tysabri infusion, she experienced a sudden onset of PML-like symptoms, suffered a rapid decline in health, and eventually died within 30 days of the Tysabri infusion.  Our firm’s medical consultants believe this is suggestive of a possible Tysabri PML link.

In a letter dated March 25, 2010, the US FDA notified the Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for Biogen Idec, Inc., the manufacturer of Tysabri, that Biogen’s promotion of Tysabri contained “false or misleading” information. The letter went on to state that Biogen’s promotional information regarding Tysabri “minimizes important risks associated with the use of Tysabri and omits the drug’s approved indication.”

Biogen has ceased sharing information with the public on their corporate website regarding any new PML cases.  This was announced after the 11th documented PML patient, back in March of 2009.  Biogen currently states that “any new cases will be reported by word of mouth to medical professional and patient groups”.

Patients and/or family members of those treated with Tysabri infusions and then later diagnosed with PML are encouraged to contact The Willis Law Firm to speak to a Tysabri PML lawyer about their legal options regarding the possible filing of a Tysabri PML Lawsuit.  Please keep in mind that certain states have statutes of limitation which limit the amount of time a person may have to file a lawsuit or seek legal action. All cases are taken on a Contingency Fee Basis. No fees or expenses are charged to the client unless a recovery is made, or settlement obtained for the Tysabri PML patients and their families.

“The expertise that our firm has gained in the assistance of our current group of Tysabri PML clients and their families has given us the unique perspective required to help these victims and pursue this rare and complex type of case”, stated  David P. Willis, principal attorney at The Willis Law Firm.

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