Long-Term Side Effects of Benicar

July 30, 2014

Serious Side Effects of Benicar

As Benicar is being investigated and safety warnings have been issues by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), individuals are seeing lasting consequences of the detrimental side effects that were not properly warned of when the drug was placed on the market.  Benicar, a hyperextension drug taken to regulate and control blood pressure, is not only under investigation, but also receiving an influx of negative exposure as a result of its lasting side effects.

The drug has caused severe gastrointestinal problems among Benicar consumers.  These conditions are similar to individuals with sprue-like enteropathy, a disease comparable to those who are required to intake a gluten free diet.  Because of the condition, the small intestine is unable to absorb certain nutrients. Without absorption, the body uncomfortably creates waste that it cannot tolerate.  Symptoms such as chronic diarrhea and substantial weight loss are signs that you may have this gastrointestinal disease.

Consumers of Benicar are seeing long-terms effects of the drug after discontinuing their consumption. The side effects have lasted long past their final ingestion, and the injuries due to Benicar have not seized.  Patients are continuing to experience the malnutrition, dehydration, and severe diarrhea due to the consumption of Benicar from a prior period of their life. Without the ability for the GI system to rebuild itself and its tolerance, Benicar has potentially impaired the individuals for what could be a lifetime of health problems.

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