C.R. Bard Uretex Transvaginal Mesh Sling Lawsuit

May 11, 2012

The United States Food and Drug Administration has discovered a link between the transvaginal mesh slings used in gynecological and urological procedures and a slew of adverse effects and injuries. The harm to a patient (including physical, emotional, and financial damage) has resulted in the filing of many C. R. Bard Uretex Lawsuit claims by women across the United States. In addition to C. R. Bard, lawsuits have also been filed against the following mesh manufacturers:

  • American Medical Systems
  • Boston Scientific
  • Ethicon (A Johnson & Johnson subsidiary)

What is C. R. Bard Uretex Transvaginal Mesh Sling?

The Uretex TO Trans-Obturator Urethral Support System is one of the many polypropylene mesh products offered by C. R. Bard for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. Stress urinary incontinence, or SUI, is the most common type of urinary incontinence and it affects many women whose tissue has weakened throughout the years. Because SUI is characterized as a loss of bladder control during daily life, it can greatly diminish quality of life. C. R. Bard Uretex TO sling offers reinforcement to the urethra, which alleviates the pressure causing incontinence. Unfortunately, as a transvaginal mesh sling, Uretex has been linked with a variety of complications and adverse effects by the FDA.

C. R. Bard Uretex Transvaginal Mesh Sling Complications

Although SUI can be a detractor from a woman’s quality of life, the complications that can stem from treatment with C. R. Bard Uretex TO Urethral Support System can result in greater problems. Actually, one of the side effects of transvaginal mesh procedures is a reoccurrence of stress urinary incontinence and a lack of bladder control. Additionally, vaginal pain and bleeding have been experienced by many women who underwent Uretex treatment. Treatment for Uretex complications can require surgery, hospitalization, blood transfusions and IV treatment. Sometimes, these treatments cannot even fully remedy the effects.

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