Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

May 10, 2017

Hernia Mesh LawsuitIn recent years, hundreds of thousands of American men have received hernia mesh implants in surgeries to treat their hernias after tissues or organs bulged through weakened abdominal walls. But though such patches can bolster the surgical sutures that repair hernias, much of such mesh is defective, leading to patients suffering and to hernia mesh injury lawsuits.

Indeed, since the year 2000, about 90 per cent of hernia repair surgery in the groin area — which normally involves male patients — has included implanting various types of hernia mesh.

If someone in your family suffered an injury after hernia mesh implant surgery, contact The Willis Law Firm today for a free legal review of your case. You could be entitled to substantial payments for an unwarranted and unexpected hernia mesh injury due to a money-grabbing manufacturer’s negligence.

What are Hernia Mesh Injuries?

As for what are hernia mesh injuries, these include serious ailments such as organ perforation, bowel obstructions and infections caused by mesh eroding, or crumbling, within the body. Hernia mesh erosion also can cause severe pain and can make still more hernia surgeries necessary.

Hernia mesh side effects and complications also can include the serious injury of implanted mesh adhering to, or sticking to, the bowel. That can lead to bowel obstruction, which makes victims unable to defecate.

Many mesh products are made with a material which can cause harm. That material is polypropylene. It can damage the tissues in the body which it touches.

Some mesh has a protective coating over polypropylene. These are called composite mesh. But those can cause injuries, too.

Besides causing extreme pain, mesh implants also can be rejected by the body, and more infections can occur. In fact, a study reported in Surgical Endoscopy, a medical journal, revealed that over 40 per cent of persons who’d had hernia mesh implanted then suffered infections. Also, almost 20 per cent suffered mechanical failure of their implanted mesh.

Failed or defective mesh must be removed from the body, and this requires still more surgery. The irony is that mesh implants were supposed to prevent more hernias and more surgeries, yet many mesh products cause more hernias and the need for more surgeries.

More Hernia Mesh Side Effects

Still more side effects of defective hernia mesh include the following:

  • Bleeding internally
  • Erosion of tissues at the surgery site
  • Hernias returning

Who’s to Blame for Hernia Mesh Injuries?

As for who is to blame for your hernia mesh injury, that depends on the mesh product which was placed in your body. More than four dozen mesh products currently are available on the medical device market.

Some defective hernia mesh has been sold by medical device and pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, via its Ethicon subsidiary. That mesh is known as Physiomesh. It was taken off the market voluntarily by the manufacturer before the Food and Drug Administration could call for an FDA recall.

Another harmful hernia mesh product is Kugel hernia mesh. It is made by Davol Inc., which is owned by C.R. Bard. Kugel, too, was the target of mesh recalls, starting in 2005.

The C-Qur composite (coated) mesh sold by Maquet also can be harmful.

But despite widespread mesh failure and injuries, few hernia mesh recalls have been made. The dangerous devices remain on the market, posing injury threats to innocent patients while their makers keep reaping hug profits.

Get a Hernia Injury Lawyer

Mesh injury lawsuits from a hernia injury lawyer with The Willis Law Firm headquartered in Houston, Texas are filing hernia mesh lawsuits at the negligent manufacturers whose products have led to such severe and even life-threatening mesh injuries.

If you contact us today, you’ll quickly receive a free legal evaluation for your case. An experienced and knowledgeable mesh injury lawyer will guide you through the process of a possible hernia mesh lawsuit, and you can decide how you want to proceed.

Should you forgo a class action hernia mesh lawsuit or multidistrict litigation (MDL) for your mesh lawsuit, you can file an individual hernia mesh lawsuit. Such a lawsuit can claim payments solely for your and your family.

Mesh lawsuit payments can include money for your pain, suffering, lost wages — present and future — and your various medical and hospital bills and expenses.

Contact us today, and let’s launch the process of getting you paid for your losses via a hernia mesh injury lawsuit.

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