Johnson and Johnson Ethicon Mesh

October 10, 2012

Around three hundred thousand women have surgery for pelvic organ prolapse each year, and of these, about seventy thousand are performed using vaginal mesh implants. Pelvic organ prolapse happens when tissues in the pelvic region weaken and an organ sinks from its original spot and begins to push against the vaginal walls; this typically takes place following childbirth or surgery. Although between thirty and fifty percent of women will experience POP within their lifetime, only about 2% will exhibit symptoms. For the women who do become symptomatic, a vaginal mesh surgery may be performed in order to strengthen weakened tissue and restore organs to their appropriate locations. Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, offers a large number of vaginal mesh products used to treat both pelvic organ prolapse as well as stress urinary incontinence. The Gynecare division of Ethicon was established on order to provide these Women’s health mesh solutions.

What Mesh Products does Johnson and Johnson Ethicon Offer?

There are a large number of vaginal mesh products offered by Johnson and Johnson’s Ethicon division. The Ethicon Gynecare products include:

  • Ethicon Gynecare TVT Exact Continence System
  • Ethicon Gynecare TVT RetroPubic System
  • Ethicon Gynecare TVT Abbrevo Continence System
  • Ethicon Gynecare TVT Obuturator System
  • Ethicon Artisyn Y-Shaped Mesh
  • Ethicon Gynecare Gynemesh
  • Ethicon Gynecare Prosima Pelvic Mesh
  • Ethicon Gynecare Prolift Pelvic Mesh

Recent statements made by the US Food and Drug Administration say that surgery for pelvic organ prolapse with a vaginal mesh implant introduces additional complications that are not present in non-mesh treatments for POP. In addition to these complications being classified as “not rare,” the FDA has also stated that mesh surgery does not present any additional benefits as far as recovery or restoration of quality of life.

Johnson and Johnson Ethicon Mesh Complications

According to the FDA, mesh complications are serious risk presented by all brands and models of transvaginal mesh products. According to the FDA, the most common mesh complaints include bleeding, infection, organ perforation, urinary problems, and the erosion of the mesh through the vaginal wall. Additionally, there have also been incidents reported to the FDA through their MedWatch Safety Reporting program of emotional problems, vaginal shrinkage, neuromuscular problems, recurrence of pelvic organ prolapse, and vaginal scarring. Mesh injury lawsuits have been filed against Johnson and Johnson Ethicon as well as Boston Scientific, American Medical Systems, and C. R. Bard.

Free Johnson and Johnson Ethicon Mesh Injury Consultation

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