Mesh Erosion Complications

April 4, 2012

What is Transvaginal Mesh Erosion?

When a woman finds herself suffering from a severe case of either stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or pelvic organ prolapse (POP), a surgical procedure involving the use of a “bladder sling” or “surgical mesh” may be performed. These surgeries consist of inserting a “sling” to support the urethra and raise it into its higher normal position, which alleviates the corresponding pressure on the bladder. Unfortunately, the FDA has branded this type of surgery as having a higher risk of complications without any corresponding benefits in results. The complications occurring as a result of mesh erosion can be severely debilitating and have resulted in many lawsuits being filed against the companies producing these defective and potentially harmful devices.

Types of Mesh Erosion Complications

Mesh erosion occurs when the components of the bladder sling are not accepted by the surrounding tissues in the body; in essence, the mesh is trying to expel itself from the body through the vaginal walls. This complication is also referred to as mesh extrusion, mesh exposure, and mesh protrusion; needless to say it is an extremely painful experience and the most frequently reported mesh related injury. Mesh erosion requires an invasive surgery for the removal of the mesh, and sometimes even multiple surgeries can never fully correct mesh erosion.

Devices Linked to Mesh Erosion Complications

The following companies and products have all been linked to mesh erosion complications:

American Medical Systems: Apogee, BioArc, Elevate, In-Fast, MiniArc, Monarc, Perigree, SPARC

Boston Scientific: Advantage Sling System, Arise, Lynx, Obtryx Curved Single, Obtryx Mesh Sling, Pinnacle, Prefyx Mid U Mesh Sling System, Prefyx PPS System, Solyx

C. R. Bard: Avaulta Plus BioSynthetic Support Avaulta Solo Synthetic Support, Faslata Allograft, Pelvicol Tissue, PelviSoft Biomesh, Pelvitex Polypropylene Mesh

Johnson & Johnson: Ethicon TVT, Gynecare Prolift, Gynecare Prosima, Gynecare TVT, Gynemesh PS

File a Mesh Erosion Lawsuit: Talk to a Lawyer Today

If you have been treated with transvaginal surgical mesh or mesh bladder sling and experienced mesh erosion or any other complication, you may have a legal entitlement to financial compensation through a mesh erosion lawsuit. Call the Willis Law Firm today to have your potential mesh erosion claim evaluated free of charge and free of obligation. Our firm has female consultants standing by ready to discuss these sensitive issues in total confidence. We are currently reviewing mesh erosion cases nationwide and on a contingency fee basis; no legal fees will be billed unless a successful recovery is made.

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