Mirena IUD Lawsuit

April 1, 2013

mirena-iudIf you or a loved one has been harmed by the Mirena IUD, you are not alone. Since its introduction the market, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received more than 45,000 complaints about the Mirena IUD alone. Many women are seeking legal action against the makers of the device through a Mirena IUD lawsuit. If you have been harmed by this device, call one of our Mirena IUD lawyers today to discuss your options going forward.

The Mirena IUD, or intra-uterine device, is inserted through the vagina into the uterus in a fairly routine outpatient procedure. The device has been associated with potentially causing various dangerous and painful complications such as Mirena IUD uterine wall perforations, sepsis, pelvic inflammatory disease, spontaneous migration and others.

The manufacturers warnings also indicated that if a woman becomes pregnant while using the Mirena IUD, her infant may suffer increased risk of developing Mirena IUD birth defects. Our law firm is currently accepting potential Mirena IUD lawsuits on behalf of women who have been harmed by the Mirena IUD that were not warned about its potentially dangerous complications.

Due to the fact that a lot of this information regarding the hazards of using a Mirena IUD to prevent pregnancy has only come forward recently, Mirena IUD lawsuits are currently in the formative stages. There have been numerous Mirena IUD lawsuits filed around the country on behalf of women harmed by the product in various ways such as spontaneous migration or perforation of the uterine wall.

In the state of New Jersey, there have been at least 16 Mirena IUD lawsuits filed which caused Bayer, the manufacturer, to push for the New Jersey Supreme Court to consolidate the cases into one larger litigation. In January of 2013, the Supreme Court denied Bayer’s request to consolidate the Mirena IUD legal proceedings.

There have also been some Mirena IUD lawsuits filed in federal court in California and Ohio. In the case of a woman in Ohio, she is seeking monetary damages from the manufacturer through her Mirena IUD lawsuit. She claims that the Mirena IUD perforated her uterus, migrated out of place, and became embedded near her liver causing severe pain and permanent scarring among other medical complications.

Mirena IUD Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has suffered from spontaneous migration of a Mirena IUD after implantation, they may be entitled to financial compensation through a Mirena IUD lawsuit. Mirena IUD cases may range widely in severity. In the most common cases, the Mirena IUD perforates the uterus and is embedded in the omentum which requires a laparoscopy under general anesthesia to remove.

Call today if you believe you have grounds for a Mirena IUD lawsuit against the manufacturers of these products. Millions of women across the country are currently using the device and thousands have reported severe and uncomfortable adverse effects caused by the Mirena IUD. The makers of the device warned about certain side effects and about perforation, but only perforation which happens during the surgery, as a result of improper insertion. They did not warn that a properly placed Mirena IUD may shift over time and cause severe Mirena IUD complications. For that reason, if you have experienced Mirena IUD complications after undergoing a successful insertion, you should call today to speak with a Mirena IUD lawyer to discuss your potential Mirena IUD Lawsuit.

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