Is There Any Cure to Internal Bleeding Due to Pradaxa

April 5, 2012

Since 2010, Pradaxa has been available in the United States as a treatment for patients who suffer from atrial fibrillation (AFib). Pradaxa quickly became popular in comparison with older blood-thinners, like warfarin, because it was easier to use and did not require the amount and frequency of blood tests of older medicine. Unfortunately, Pradaxa also has another major difference when compared against Coumadin (generic name: warfarin). In the event of internal bleeding, there is no quick cure or treatment for patients who are taking Pradaxa. In contrast, Vitamin K acts as a cure or treatment for patients who experience internal bleeding while taking warfarin. This discrepancy between drugs has recently become the subject of controversy; many patients have responded by filing Pradaxa internal bleeding lawsuits.

Pradaxa Internal Bleeding Study

A study recently published by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology evaluated the associated risks of bleeding in patients being treated with Pradaxa in comparison to those who received other forms of treatment. The findings of this study indicated that patients who were being treated with Pradaxa (generic name: dabigatran) had a statistically significantly higher risk of bleeding events and/or thromboembolic complications when compared with patients being treated with the older drug, warfarin. The results of this study, which was conducted using 290 patients, have prompted further investigation. It is believed that further clinical research will corroborate the data evaluated in this JACC research study.

Pradaxa Internal Bleeding FDA Investigation

After numerous post-market reports regarding internal bleeding while taking Pradaxa, the United States Food and Drug Administration has opened an official investigation regarding the matter. In December of 2011, the FDA issued an official drug safety communication on the topic of the serious bleeding reports among Pradaxa patients. Although all anticoagulant medications carry with them a heightened risk of internal bleeding and associated injuries, Pradaxa is a direct thrombin inhibitor and could potentially carry higher risks because there is not a specific cure to halt the internal bleeding once it begins.

File a Pradaxa Internal Bleeding Lawsuit: Speak to an Attorney

If you were prescribed the anticoagulant Pradaxa and have suffered from internal bleeding, you may want to consider the option of a Pradaxa internal bleeding lawsuit. Call the Willis Law Firm today, and our talented team of legal professionals will provide you with an initial case consultation free of charge and free of obligation. You may have a legal claim to substantial financial compensation in relation to the suffering you have experienced as a result of taking Pradaxa. All Pradaxa lawsuits are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you are not held responsible for any legal or attorney’s fees unless a recovery is obtained in your favor.

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