Eliquis Brain Bleeding

March 18, 2016

Can innocent Americans suffer Eliquis brain bleeding after using the blood-thinning drug? Yes, they can, according to research which shows many dangerous Eliquis side effects.

Bleeding in the brain, or a cerebral hemorrhage or brain hemorrhage, can result when a person who needed a blood thinner uses Eliquis, which is comparable to such other harmful anticoagulants as Pradaxa and Xarelto.

As for Eliquis, it’s made by Pfizer Inc. and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, who have failed to alert potential users that their drug can cause severe injuries. Such Eliquis side effects include brain bleeding.

Eliquis Side Effects

Indeed, among Eliquis side effects are cerebrovascular accidents, which are events that lead to cerebral hemorrhage, or bleeding in the brain. Eliquis also can cause internal bleeding under the surface of the skin, as well as in the stomach.

Too, Eliquis can cause decreased hemoglobin (a substance that carries oxygen in red blood cells), thrombosis (blood clots), dyspnea (trouble breathing), hematoma (a semisolid mass in the blood) and peripheral edema (lower limb swelling).

Tragically, when Eliquis causes side effects such as a brain bleeding, there is no antidote. That’s right: Physicians have no means of treating Eliquis uncontrolled bleeding — unlike the long-used blood thinner warfarin, which can be counteracted by strong doses of Vitamin K.

Eliquis Lawsuits

Already, Eliquis lawsuits have been filed claiming that Eliquis caused a patient to suffer bleeding on the brain, along with other Eliquis bleeding injuries.

Such defective drug lawsuits can target Eliquis’ manufacturers, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer Inc. Those drug makers were negligent in creating a defective drug, and also in failing to promptly alert Americans that their drug could be harmful.

Instead, they sold Eliquis for years in order to collect high profits — profits which were made while many Americans suffered Eliquis side effects.

A key claim in Eliquis lawsuits is that the defendant drug makers failed to provide an antidote to Eliquis bleeding of the brain or other parts of the body. The companies also failed to warn potential users of the absence of such a reversal agent.

Symptoms of Bleeding in the Brain

Among symptoms of bleeding in the brain are abrupt headaches that are notably severe, weakness on one side of the body; difficulty seeing; difficulty talking; and confusion.

Eliquis also can cause many more symptoms for other Eliquis injuries, such as blood in the stool or urine, swelling, shortness of breath and accelerated heart rate.

Do I Have an Eliquis Case?

Now you may be asking, “Do I have an Eliquis case?” Well, you can find out easily enough.

Just contact our law firm, and we’ll hurry to help you with your Eliquis brain bleeding claim. First, we’ll provide you with a free legal case review. Then you can determine if a defective drug lawsuit is the path you want to take.

If it is, we can claim payments for you for your Eliquis injury losses, including your mental anguish, suffering, pain, lost salary and medical expenses.

Notify us today, and let’s begin getting you the payments — and the justice — that you need.

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