American Medical Systems Apogee Lawsuit

June 11, 2012

The Apogee Systems from American Medical Systems are used for the treatment of female patients who experience vaginal vault prolapse, a type of pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic organs typically prolapse due to tissue that has become weakened over time, although there can also be other causes. Vaginal vault prolapse is present when the peak of the vagina (vaginal apex) has sunk into the canal of the vagina, or even completely outside the vagina. The Apogee Vaginal Vault Prolapse Repair System uses a minimally invasive procedure in order to place a polypropylene mesh into a patient’s body and lift the vaginal apex to its normal placement. AMS Apogee was intended to be a permanent solution to the troubles of vaginal vault prolapse, however many women find it to be the beginning of an entirely new set of problems. Lawsuit claims have been filed in response to some of the physical problems encountered following Apogee treatment.

AMS Apogee FDA Warning

Transvaginal mesh products, like AMS Apogee, have been the topic of more than one safety communications issued by the US Food and Drug Administration to both the general public as well as the healthcare community. Several of the victims of injuries stemming from Apogee & other transvaginal mesh procedures have been successful in collecting financial settlements from American Medical Systems as well as several other companies that make mesh devices:

  • C. R Bard
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Division
  • Boston Scientific

American Medical Systems Apogee Complications

The most regular physical complication to occur following treatment with American Medical Systems Apogee is called “mesh erosion.” Mesh erosion, also commonly referred to as mesh extrusion, occurs when the polypropylene mesh forces its way painfully through the vaginal walls of the patient. Apogee erosion is further complicated when the components of the mesh break down into smaller pieces within the body, making the device much harder to remove. In addition, American Medical Systems mesh products have been linked to bleeding/discharge, loss of bladder control, pelvic pain, Dyspareunia, scarring, and many other injuries.

File an AMS Apogee Lawsuit: Free Claim Evaluation

Many women feel that they were not given all of the information regarding AMS Apogee and other types of transvaginal mesh prior to undergoing their procedure. Filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of your mesh product is one way to get support in fulfilling the various physical, financial, and emotional obligations that stem from your mesh injuries. Contact the Willis Law Firm today, and we will provide you with a completely free and confidential AMS Apogee lawsuit claim consultation in order to assess whether a lawsuit is the right choice for you. Although we are located in Houston, our firm is currently accepting mesh cases nationwide; call us today.

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