AMS Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

October 12, 2012

Lawsuit claims have been filed against American Medical Systems, AMS, in response to injuries sustained by patients treated with its vaginal mesh products for pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. In both of these conditions pelvic tissues are reinforced by a vaginal mesh implant in an attempt to permanently cease troublesome symptoms, like involuntary urine leakage and/or pressure on the vaginal walls. Although AMS Vaginal mesh is proposed as a minimally invasive and permanent surgical solution, it is still to be regarded as a serious surgery that carries with it serious risks and complications. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration have stated that vaginal mesh treatment for pelvic organ prolapse introduces new risks and side effects that are not present in older non-mesh forms of treatment. Presently, AMS offers the following vaginal mesh products for POP and SUI:

  • AMS MiniArc Single Incision Sling
  • AMS Elevate Prolapse Repair System
  • AMS MiniArc Precise Single-Incision Sling
  • AMS Apogee Vaginal Vault Prolapse Repair System
  • AMS Monarc Subfascial Hammock
  • AMS Elevate Anterior Prolapse Repair System
  • AMS SPARC Sling System
  • AMS In-Fast Ultra Transvaginal Sling
  • AMS BioArc SP Sling System
  • AMS Perigee System
  • AMS BioArc TO Subfascial Hammock

AMS Vaginal Mesh Erosion

The erosion of a mesh implant through the vaginal wall is the most commonly occurring mesh injury according to the US Food and Drug Administration. They came to this conclusion following a review of mesh-related literature collected between the years of 1996-2011, a fifteen year period. The FDA also concluded that mesh erosion and other complications are not linked to any particular brand of mesh, meaning that AMS (American Medical Systems) mesh products, many of which were listed above, have these risks of complications. Shockingly, the victims of AMS vaginal mesh erosion will often have to undergo more than one revision surgery in an attempt to remove the implant from the pelvic region. Unfortunately, in a large number of cases, this complication can never be fully resolved. Mesh victims often report excruciating pain, vaginal discharge, and bleeding as symptoms of mesh erosion, which is also called exposure, protrusion, and extrusion.

Contact an AMS Vaginal Mesh Lawyer: File a Lawsuit

If you have sustained injuries due to pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence treatment with AMS vaginal mesh, you may want to consider filing a lawsuit claim. Contact the Willis Law Firm today in order to have a free case review in order to properly assess your legal options. At present, we are reviewing vaginal mesh cases nationwide. All AMS lawsuit clients are represented on a contingency fee basis; if we don’t recover for you, you are not responsible for paying legal or attorney fees.

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