Boston Scientific Bladder Sling Lawsuit

June 30, 2012

Founded in 1979, Massachusetts based Boston Scientific Corporation is a medical device technology that services the entire globe. In addition to neuromodulation, cardiac surgery, oncology, and peripheral interventions, Boston Scientific is also one of the top developers and manufacturers of bladder sling devices. Other major bladder sling manufacturers include American Medical Systems, C. R. Bard, and Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon. In the past few years, concerns have arisen regarding the safety and risk of complications associated with these bladder sling products. Bladder sling lawsuit claims have been filed against Boston Scientific as well as the other mesh manufacturing companies. The Boston Scientific Bladder Sling products that have been litigated against include:

  • Advantage Sling System
  • Advantage Fit
  • Arise
  • Pinnacle Pelvic Floor Repair Kit
  • Pinnacle Pelvic Floor Repair Kit 2
  • Prefyx PPS System
  • Prefyx Mid U Mesh Sling System
  • Lynx Suprapubic Mid-Uretrhal Sling System
  • Obtryx Mesh Sling
  • Obtryx Curved Single
  • Polyform Synthetic Mesh
  • Solyx

If you have been injured by any of these Boston Scientific bladder sling products, you may want to consider filing a transvaginal mesh lawsuit claim. A bladder sling lawsuit can potentially help you secure the money that you need to treat your complications, as well as damages for your decline in quality of life and inability to work.

FDA Boston Scientific Bladder Sling Warning

A July 2011 safety communication from the United States Food and Drug Administration made several updates to previously reported safety concerns regarding bladder sling complications. In this FDA alert, several new bladder sling concerns were discussed regarding all types of transvaginal mesh, including Boston Scientific products. Key findings include the following:

1) The use of transvaginal mesh bladder slings creates new risks that are non-existent in other types of treatment for pelvic organ prolapse.

2) There is no evidence suggesting that mesh bladder slings provide any benefit in comparison to non-mesh surgery.

The complications that can arise from treatment with a Boston Scientific bladder sling include: bladder sling erosion and mesh contraction. Bladder sling complications can result in harrowing pain, Dyspareunia, organ perforation, urinary problems, as well as other injuries. A  Boston Scientific Bladder sling lawsuit is one way to seek damages for your bladder sling injuries.

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