C. R. Bard Alyte Y-Mesh Graft Lawsuit

May 10, 2012

Founded in 1907 by Charles R. Bard, medical company C. R. Bard is presently facing lawsuits in relation to its Alyte Y-Mesh Graft, as well as several of its other polypropylene mesh products. These C. R. Bard products are used as surgical treatment options for both pelvic organ prolapse (POP), stress urinary incontinence (SUI), and pelvic floor reconstruction. Each of the various mesh products is targeted to support a pelvic organ that has sunk over time; these organs can include the bladder, urethra, bowels, or vaginal apex. When treated with a mesh sling, these organs can be lifted to their original placement and surrounding tissues that have weakened over time are given additional support. However, all transvaginal mesh products have been warned against by the US Food and Drug Administration as they have been linked to an abnormally high number of adverse safety event reports. These risks reported by the FDA have not been associated with one particular brand or model of mesh sling, so all of the following C. R. Bard mesh products, including Alyte, are considered to pose additional risk:

  • Avaulta Solo
  • Pelvisoft Biomesh
  • Pelvitex
  • Faslata Allograft
  • Uretex
  • Alyte Y-Mesh Graft
  • Avaulta Plus
  • Pelvicol Tissue
  • Pelvilace

C. R. Bard (maker of Alyte) is not the only medical device company whose mesh products have been linked with mesh erosion and other transvaginal mesh injuries; other manufacturers include: Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon, American Medical Systems, and Boston Scientific. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries due to transvaginal mesh treatment, you may be eligible for making a personal injury lawsuit claim.

C. R. Bard Alyte Y-Mesh Graft Injuries

Treatment with C. R. Bard Alyte Y-Mesh Graft can result in the following injuries: mesh erosion/protrusion/exposure, urinary problems, neuromuscular issues, organ perforation (bowels, bladder, and vaginal walls), vaginal shrinkage/scarring, chronic vaginal pain, bleeding, vaginal discharge, and even a reoccurrence of SUI or POP. These injuries can be both emotionally exhausting as well as financially draining. For this reason, many women decide to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of their mesh product.

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Have you or a family member suffered from complications following transvaginal mesh surgery with Alyte Y-Mesh Graft or another mesh product? You may have a bladder sling lawsuit claim that entitles you to financial compensation. Call the Willis Law Firm today and one of our compassionate female consultants will help discuss these sensitive women’s health issues with you in confidence. Our firm is currently examining mesh claims across the country, and all Alyte clients are taken on a fee-contingent basis. You will not be billed any fees unless a recovery is obtained. Call us today.

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