C.R. Bard Faslata Allograft Tissue Lawsuit

May 13, 2012

The Faslata Allograft Tissue is a urological product offered in the past by Bard Medical, also known as C. R. Bard. Bard’s Faslata is no longer marketed and manufactured by the New Jersey based company, perhaps due to some of the complications and lawsuits that we will discuss. C. R. Bard became the target of many personal injury lawsuits in relation to the Faslata Allograft tissue as well as several of its other transvaginal mesh products, which have been found to increase a patient’s risk of serious injury. Victims of Faslata Allograft treatment side effects may experience emotional and financial injuries in addition to the physical complications that can result from these surgical devices.

FDA Faslata Allograft Tissue Warning

The US Food & Drug Administration has made several statements regarding the potential dangers of transvaginal mesh treatment for pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. In its 2008 safety communication, the FDA indicated that while mesh treatment, like C. R. Bard’s Faslata Allograft Tissue, posed increased risks to patients, it did not appear to present any additional benefits in comparison to other forms of treatments. This means that a non-mesh solution for pelvic organ prolapse could also be more effective in addition to more safe than Faslata.

Bard Medical Faslata Allograft Tissue Complications

The physical complications that can arise as the result of treatment with Bard Medical’s Faslata Allograft Tissue are both numerous as well as shocking. One of the most frequently reported mesh injury, mesh erosion, can require multiple revision surgeries. In some instances, Faslata Allograft erosion can never be fully treated. When a woman experiences injuries from C. R. Bard Faslata Allograft tissue, she may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms: vaginal pain, vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, pain during sex, inflammation, nerve damage, infection, and even a reoccurrence of pelvic organ prolapse. Many injured women respond by filing a Faslata Lawsuit against C. R. Bard in order to seek financial damages for their suffering.

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If you were treated with Bard’s Faslata Allograft Tissue for pelvic organ prolapse and have experienced medical complications, you may be a viable candidate for filing a transvaginal mesh lawsuit claim. Call the Willis Law firm today, and we will provide you with a completely free lawsuit evaluation conducted by one of our caring and compassionate female consultants. The victims of mesh injuries from Faslata Allograft and other similar devices may be eligible for a substantial amount of financial compensation through a lawsuit settlement. At this time, our firm is reviewing C. R. Bard mesh claims nationwide; let us help you get the financial support that you need.

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