Mesh Erosion in Bladder

April 1, 2012

What is Mesh?

Surgical mesh, bladder sling, and transvaginal mesh are all terms that refer to a type of medical device inserted surgically for the treatment of both stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in female patients. Both SUI and POP occur when tissues in the pelvic area are weakened over time (or following childbirth) and result in a loss of bladder control. Surgical mesh aims to lift prolapsed organs and relieve the pressure on the bladder that creates the incontinence. This type of procedure is supposed to provide a permanent solution to SUI and POP, however recent statements made by the Food and Drug Administration suggest that mesh treatment comes with many serious complications, including mesh erosion.

What is Mesh Erosion?

When mesh the synthetic or biologic materials that comprise the mesh do not incorporate properly into the body, the device forces its way through the surrounding tissues. Mesh can erode into the vagina as well as the bladder and is the most commonly reported complication that follows a mesh bladder sling surgery. Since 2005, nearly four thousand adverse event reports regarding mesh treatment have been filed with the FDA and the frequency of reports has tripled in the years since 2008. The FDA also reported that with the increased risks associated with transvaginal mesh comes not apparent medical benefit when compared to other forms of POP/SUI treatments.

Mesh Erosion Complications and Treatments

The complications that come from mesh erosion are very unpleasant; many patients will experience blood in the urine, severe pain, urinary tract infections, as well as possible draining of urine into the vagina. Treatment for mesh erosion requires surgery in order to remove the mesh as well as repair the damage done to the vagina and bladder. Multiple surgeries are sometimes required, and in many cases all of the pieces of the mesh will never be fully removed.

File a Mesh Erosion Lawsuit: Speak to a Bladder Sling Attorney

Female patients who experience mesh or bladder sling erosion may have a legal claim to financial damages. If this has happened to you or someone that you know, call the Willis Law Firm today. Our firm, located in Houston, is currently accepting nationwide mesh erosion cases. When filing a lawsuit, you want the most qualified attorney and Mr. Willis has nearly 30 years of legal experience as well as the highest peer review rating. All mesh bladder sling cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, which means that no legal expenses will be billed to you unless a recovery is made.

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