Mirena IUD Lawsuit Commercial

April 2, 2013

Mirena-IUD(5)There have recently been many Mirena IUD TV commercials on the air claiming that the manufacturer of the device may be liable to potential Mirena IUD lawsuits. If you saw a Mirena IUD Lawsuit commercial and would like to know if you have a claim, please call our team of Mirena IUD lawyers today to evaluate your potential Mirena IUD lawsuit for free. A large company might cut corners and might not always have your best interests in mind, and when that happens, you could get hurt.

If a dangerous product such as the Mirena IUD has harmed you or a loved one, we are here to help you. Women using the Mirena IUD device should be aware that the device might cause severe and dangerous side effects. Although the Mirena IUD has been touted as a convenient and effective form of birth control for women who already have children, it hasn’t been as effective as Bayer, the manufacturer of the Mirena IUD, promised that it would be.

Since its approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000, women have used the Mirena IUD without being completely aware of its potential dangers. In fact, Bayer has been scolded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for making misleading statements in its marketing materials about the Mirena IUD. The FDA claimed that Bayer made broad and sweeping statements about the Mirena IUD that had not been evaluated or confirmed by any type of clinical trial or medical professional.

Certain side effects such as breast cancer, uterine perforation, pelvic inflammatory disease, and irregular bleeding have caused women around the country to have the potentially dangerous Mirena IUD removed. Some women have filed Mirena IUD lawsuits against Bayer for injuries allegedly caused by the Mirena IUD. Our team of Mirena IUD lawyers is here to help you if you feel that you or a loved one has been injured by the Mirena IUD.

The Mirena IUD is an intra-uterine device that is inserted into the woman’s uterus for as much as 5 years. Unfortunately, women across the country are experiencing many unexpected and  unanticipated Mirena IUD complications. In December 2009, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning letter to Bayer, stating that their marketing and advertising of Mirena overstates the efficacy of the device, presents unsubstantiated claims, minimizes the risks of using Mirena, and includes false or misleading presentations regarding the use of Mirena.

If you watch TV regularly, you have likely seen the Mirena TV commercials claiming that there are potential Mirena IUD Lawsuits to be filed on behalf of those who have suffered from the device. If you saw a Mirena IUD TV commercial and would like to know if these lawsuits may apply to you, please call our team of Mirena IUD legal experts today and we will evaluate your potential Mirena IUD lawsuit absolutely free.

Mirena IUD Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has suffered from spontaneous migration of a Mirena IUD after implantation, they may be entitled to financial compensation through a Mirena IUD lawsuit. Mirena IUD cases may range widely in severity. In the most common cases, the Mirena IUD perforates the uterus and is embedded in the omentum which requires a laparoscopy under general anesthesia to remove.

Call today if you believe you have grounds for a Mirena IUD lawsuit against the manufacturers of these products. Millions of women across the country are currently using the device and thousands have reported severe and uncomfortable adverse effects caused by the Mirena IUD. The makers of the device warned about certain side effects and about perforation, but only perforation which happens during the surgery, as a result of improper insertion. They did not warn that a properly placed Mirena IUD may shift over time and cause severe Mirena IUD complications. For that reason, if you have experienced Mirena IUD complications after undergoing a successful insertion, you should call today to speak with a Mirena IUD lawyer to discuss your potential Mirena IUD Lawsuit.

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