Pelvic Mesh Erosion

October 23, 2012

Pelvic mesh erosion was recently named the number one most frequently occurring and reported complication of vaginal mesh surgery by the US Food and Drug Administration. This painful and often debilitating condition also goes by the names:

  • Pelvic Mesh Exposure, because the device is exposed through the vaginal wall
  • Pelvic Mesh Protrusion, because the mesh protrudes through the vaginal wall and sometimes outside of the body entirely
  • Pelvic Mesh Extrusion, because the mesh is forcibly thrust outside of its intended position

No matter what you call it, pelvic mesh erosion is an extremely uncomfortable complication of mesh surgery. It is also highly challenging and difficult to treat. Many women who experience pelvic mesh erosion file lawsuit claims against the company that designed, manufactured, and marketed the device in question.

Pelvic Mesh Erosion Revision Surgery

In the event of pelvic mesh erosion, a doctor may attempt to conduct a revision surgery in order to remove all or a part of the vaginal mesh implant. Although sometimes they can be successful, a mesh erosion revision surgery is still another serious and invasive surgical procedure with its own set of risks and potential complications. In some cases, even multiple revision surgeries will not be able to fully retrieve the pelvic mesh from the patient’s body. This is because the mesh may break apart into multiple smaller pieces, making it impossible to fully remove.

Pelvic Mesh Erosion Lawsuit

Mesh erosion/extrusion/exposure/protrusion is frequently cited as the catalyst for a pelvic mesh lawsuit. Not only is erosion the most common complication of transvaginal mesh procedures, it is also one of the most serious. A woman experiencing pelvic mesh erosion will likely find herself in a world of chronic pain, unable to work, and sometimes even to sleep. Additionally, the husbands of pelvic mesh erosion victims often file lawsuit claims as well due to an inability to have sexual intercourse, also called “loss of consortium.”

Suffering From Pelvic Mesh Erosion? Speak to an Attorney

If you or a loved one is suffering from pelvic mesh erosion or other serious complications, contact the Willis Law Firm. We are currently reviewing potential pelvic mesh lawsuit cases nationwide. We know that it can be uncomfortable to discuss these sensitive Women’s Health Issues, so we have female consultants available to discuss your prospective case. All mesh claims are handled on a contingency fee basis; if you do not receive any financial damages, you do not have to pay legal/attorney fees.

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