Transvag Mesh

October 8, 2012

“The Next Medical Device Controversy: Vaginal Mesh,” an article on the website of Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine provided valuable insight into the product liability issues surrounding these transvag mesh devices and the controversy surrounding. A growing number of lawsuits against the manufacturers of these mesh products allege that the companies did not perform adequate testing in order to assess the risks associated with their products. The victims of transvaginal mesh complications often experience the following painful and sometimes debilitating complications:

  • Constant Vaginal Pain (often making it difficult to sleep as well as complete daily activities)
  • Inability to have sexual intercourse with partner
  • Erosion of the Device through vaginal walls
  • Urinary Problems

FDA Transvag Mesh Warnings

In July of 2011, the FDA noted that women who are treated for pelvic organ prolapse and/or stress urinary incontinence with transvaginal mesh implants demonstrate a five-fold increased risk of serious complications. This was in contradiction to a 2008 warning, in which the agency said that complication risks were rare. Recently an advisory committee for the FDA decided to reclassify trans vag mesh as a high risk device, called Category III. These types of products require more extensive testing prior to being placed on the market.

Trans Vag Mesh Lawsuits

At the publication time of the article, there were nearly three hundred pending lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson in regards to their transvaginal mesh implants. In addition to this J&J litigation, there were also a number of other lawsuits filed against other mesh manufacturers including: Boston Scientific, American Medical Systems, and C. R. Bard. Personal injury attorneys expect the number of transvag mesh lawsuit claims to rise as the issue receives additional media attention and publicity. Pelvic organ prolapse surgery is a fairly common procedure, and in about ¼ of these procedures trans vag mesh implants are used. Although media attention regarding mesh complications has slowed the use of implants, a large number of women may still come forward with mesh injuries.

File a Transvag Mesh Lawsuit: Free Attorney Consultation

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