Wright Hip Implant Recall

April 14, 2012

In 2004, Wright Medical Technology was forced to recall its CONSERVE metal hip cups due to improper manufacturing. Now, there is speculation that its Profemur hip implant system will also be subject to a recall. The Wright Profemur Total Hip System underwent the expedited approval protocol 510(K) by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Under this process, the Wright Hip Implant was not subjected to the normal amount of testing and clinical trials prior to approval, on the grounds that it was similar to existing medical devices already approved. Unfortunately, this means that many of its problems, complications, and risks went undetected until after it was being used in real patients. Many of these injured individuals are now pursuing litigation.

Wright Hip Implant Lawsuit

Filing a Wright hip implant lawsuit is a course of action taken by many victims of these defective and potentially dangerous medical devices. A lawsuit helps to offset the financial difficulties that come with paying for removal of the device as well as an inability to work due to associated injuries. At this point in time, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against the large companies behind failed hip implants; suits against Wright Medical Technology, DePuy Orthopaedics, Zimmer Holdings, and Biomet, Inc. A hip implant lawsuit alleges that the company created a potentially harmful product and failed in its responsibility to warn of its risks.

Wright Hip Implant Failure

By design, surgery with a hip implant is supposed to last for at least fifteen years. However, the Wright Profemur Hip Implant System demonstrates an 11.2% failure rate within only three years of the initial procedure. This means that in the three years following treatment, one out of every nine patients with a Wright hip implant will need further medical attention due to a hip implant failure. Victims of Wright hip implant failure will usually experience pain and stiffness in the areas surrounding the implant. When the acetabular cup loosens, patients may be unable to walk/stand and may also be injured by debris in the body as the implant breaks down.

File a Hip Implant Lawsuit: Speak to an Attorney

Were you treated with a defective hip implant? Did you experience pain and/or need removal of the device? If so, you may be eligible for a financial settlement through a Wright Hip Implant Lawsuit. Call the Willis Law Firm today in order to have your potential claim evaluated at no cost or obligation. Our team of experienced and aggressive legal professionals is highly skilled in the field of personal injury and is currently accepting hip implant clients on a national scale. Call us today.

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