Zimmer Hip Implant Lawsuit

March 31, 2012

Many patients who were treated with the Durom Cup hip implant have filed lawsuits against its manufacturer, Zimmer. This large and publicly traded medical device business began in 1927 and currently markets products in over one hundred different countries. Lawsuits against Zimmer allege that its hip replacement device, the Durom Cup, did not work properly. Its defectiveness resulted in further pain, surgeries, and hospitalization for many patients. The various problems associated with this Zimmer Hip Implant can quickly become overwhelmingly expensive, which is why many patients decide to file a Zimmer Hip Implant Lawsuit in order to potentially offset these medical costs.

Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implant

A hip implant composed of cobalt-chromium alloy, Zimmer’s Durom Cup was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for total hip replacement in 2006. Hip implants are used as a method of either reducing arthritis pain and/or replacing an injured joint. However, after reports of high complication rates, Zimmer announced that it would no longer market this harmful product in July of 2008. In its time on the market, the device was used in the treatment of around 13,000 patients. In the last five years, around 1,600 complaints have been reported to the FDA specifically about this Zimmer product. Although this Zimmer hip implant is no longer available, many patients may still be experiencing complications resulting from this form of treatment.

Zimmer Hip Implant Warning

Dr. Lawrence Dorr, a highly successful orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, was one of the first people to publicly speak out regarding the problems with the Zimmer Hip Implant product. Dorr, who used the Zimmer hip implant in the treatment of many patients, noticed that patients treated with this device often required further surgery within as little as two years. Shortly following his April 2008 public statement regarding the Durom Cup, Zimmer ceased in its marketing and sale. In addition to Dr. Dorr, many other surgeons have also reported problems with the acetabular part of the implant.

File a Zimmer Lawsuit: Speak to a Hip Implant Attorney

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