Talcum Powder Products – Not Suitable For Personal Hygiene?

July 1, 2014

Talcum powder is a mineral that originates as a crystalized rock. After the talc rock is mined, the crushing and drying of the delicate rock turns into powder-like particles and is made into products, such as baby powder.  Although talc powder is a widely known, main ingredient of baby powder and feminine hygiene products, it is also used for a variety of other consumer products.  It is noteworthy to identify these products to make a further comparison of the utilization of talc and its inherent qualities.

Talc is widely used in the painting, paper, and plastic production industries.  It is also commonly used as an additive in heroin to stretch the drug volume of the illegal substance.  As one could not imagine using any of the listed products for personal hygiene due to the hazardous nature of the product, it would seem foolish to believe a manufacturer employing this mineral in their products for female use in the vaginal area could be safe.  Majority of consumers believe these issues to be trivial, however, they are not the ones affected by the potent nature of the talc powder in baby powder, resulting in the development of ovarian cancer.

A member of the World Health Organization, The International Agency for Research on Cancer, initiated a study on talc powder to determine whether the original warning in 1971 of the development of ovarian cancer associated with the use of baby powder made with talc was accurate.  The agency defined talc powder used in genital hygiene as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”  As one would not apply paint or an illegal substance to the genital area, the idea of manufacturers producing a baby powder with talc powder is erroneous. Therefore, a recall or a warning of the hazardous product is essential to bring justice to those harmed and caution future consumers of the dangerous nature of talc powder.

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