Zimmer Hip Implant Metallosis

April 23, 2012

Metal-on-Metal hip implants, including several hip implants manufactured by Zimmer Orthopedics, have been linked to a type of metal poisoning called metallosis. Metallosis is defined as the deposition and build-up of metal in the body, and typically occurs when metal pieces of medical devices, like Zimmer hip implants, rub against one another and small particles break off. The buildup of metal pieces in the tissue surrounding the implant can result in several uncomfortable symptoms, including inflammation of the tissues.

Zimmer Metallosis Symptoms and Complications

In the event of Zimmer hip implant metallosis, the patient will typically experience one or a combination of these symptoms.

Difficulty with walking and/or moving from a standing to seated position

Pain surrounding the replaced hip

Skin discoloration which may indicate damage has occurred to surrounding tissue

In the event of these symptoms of Zimmer hip implant metallosis, a patient should immediately seek medical attention because oftentimes they signal that other related medical issues may also be developing. Some of these complications include:

Bone fracture near hip

Damage has occurred to the nerves or tissues near the implant

The implant has loosened or even possibly become dislocated

The treatment for the majority of these complications requires a Zimmer hip implant revision surgery in order to correct. Although multiple surgeries can become very expensive, they are necessary in order to give the patient the best chance to regain function of the hip and leg.

Zimmer Hip Implant Lawsuit

Some patients respond to complications with their Zimmer hip implant and metallosis by filing a Zimmer hip implant lawsuit. This type of lawsuit is filed on the basis that the medical device that the patient was treated with was inadequately designed or tested and resulted in harm to the patient.  Defective hip implants often require a revision surgery much sooner than the typical timeframe of hip replacement predicts. Lawsuits have been filed against several different companies that manufacture hip implants including Wright Medical Technology, DePuy Orthopedics, and Biomet Orthopedics.

File a Zimmer Metallosis Lawsuit: Speak to an Attorney

If you or a loved one was treated with a Zimmer hip implant and experienced metallosis and/or other complications with your implant, you may be eligible for financial compensation through a lawsuit. Call the Willis Law Firm today in order to have your potential claim evaluated free of charge and free of obligation. We are currently accepting hip implant cases nationwide, and all of these cases are taken on a contingency fee basis; you don’t pay unless we recover for you. Call us today.

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