Johnson & Johnson’s Morcellator a Hysterectomy Device and Cancer

August 7, 2014

J & J Power Morcellator Spreading Unobserved Cancers

The Willis Law Firm is investigating cases of women who underwent a laparoscopic hysterectomy and have been diagnosed with cancer following their doctor’s use of a morcellator.  A morcellator is a high-powered medical device used to cut and remove uterine fibroids.  The rotating blades grind the uterus into small pieces to make removal through a small incision in the abdomen area effortless.  The mega-manufacturer Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has been under fire since the release of the medical device, and is recalling morcellators nationwide.

Hysterectomy Device causing the Spread of Cancer

Although morcellators have provided a less invasive hysterectomy along with a quick recovery, there are other issues that extend with the use of this product.  Before the cutting procedure occurs in a hysterectomy, there are no steps taken to determine whether any cancer is active in the uterus.  Therefore, the cutting of the uterus results in fibroids containing cancer cells dodging into other areas of the female’s body, such as the pelvis or abdomen.

These extreme risks to a woman’s heath pose the question: why were morcellators ever manufactured or approved for use by doctors if a hysterectomy could be performed with the uterus intact?  The morecellator was designed to make a hysterectomy less invasive and less painful for women who are required to have this performed. In hindsight, women across the nation can confidently say that they would have taken the longer recovery route and a scar over any form of cancer from the cutting of their uterus.  There are attorney’s nationwide accepting these cases in hope of assuring justice for the females affected by this defective product.

Post Hysterectomy Cancer Lawsuit

Have you or someone you know suffered cancer after having a hysterectomy performed with a morcellator? If so, legal aids are standing by at The Willis Law Firm to assist you in your free consultation.  You have legal options and rights in furtherance of a claim against the negligent manufacturer. At no cost we can offer you legal advice to put your mind and sickness at ease.  Call TODAY toll-free at 1-800-883-9858.

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