FDA Reports

March 24, 2016

FDA IVC Filter News

Almost since it became known that IVC filters designed to fight blood clots could instead cause serious injuries to patients, FDA news of IVC filters has […]
March 23, 2016

Essure FDA Investigation

What is a clear sign that Essure birth control devices are defective? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is launching a probe of the contraceptive device. […]
August 8, 2014

Uterine Leiomyosarcoma from Morcellator Device

Unforeseen Cancer Development After Morcellation Financial compensation may be available to females who have been diagnosed with uterine leiomyosarcoma following a laparoscopic hysterectomy or uterine fibroid […]
August 7, 2014

Johnson and Johnson (J&J) Morcellator Recall

 Morcellators Recalled by Manufacturer Johnson and Johnson (J&J) A morcellator is a laparoscopic power device used in fibroid and hysterectomy surgeries. Laparoscopic surgeries are an innovative […]
July 30, 2014

Long-Term Side Effects of Benicar

Serious Side Effects of Benicar As Benicar is being investigated and safety warnings have been issues by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), individuals are seeing […]
July 18, 2014

Risperdal Side Effects in Men

Lawsuits have recently been filed against the pharmaceutical giant, Johnson & Johnson, for manufacturing a prescription drug named Risperidone.  The shelf name of this drug is […]
March 25, 2014

Dangerous Side Effects of Benicar

FDA Warns of Benicar Diarrhea Side Effects Benicar is a drug used to monitor and reduce hypertension, or high blood pressure (HBP).  Common side effects of […]