NuvaRing Side Effects

July 12, 2012

Approved by the US Food & Drug Administration in the fall of 2001, the NuvaRing seemed to be an innovative new approach to contraceptives. The prescription birth control vaginal ring made from flexible plastic works by releasing small doses of a combination of hormones over the course of 21 days and then removed for what is referred to as a “gap week.” Marketing for the NuvaRing began in the United States in the summer of 2002, and at this point in time the NuvaRing is used by around one and a half million women worldwide. Despite the popularity and publicity surrounding NuvaRing, serious side effects began to arise that left many women using the product debilitated and in some cases even dead.

Types of NuvaRing Side Effects

The results of two large clinical studies regarding the Nuva Ring suggested that over 15% of women using the product discontinued their use due to side effects and adverse events. The most commonly reported side effects of the NuvaRing include: headaches, leucorrhea, nausea, vaginitis, sinusitis, and upper respiratory tract infection. However, it is very important to note that combined oral contraceptives including the Nuva Ring have also been linked to a group of much more serious and potentially fatal side effects as well. These Nuvaring complications include:

NuvaRing Side Effects Lawsuit

In the spring of 2008, the first lawsuit claim was filed against the companies that manufacture, distribute and market the NuvaRing vaginal contraceptive ring. In this lawsuit, the plaintiff was the husband of a woman who had died from Nuva Ring side effects. In his case, he asserted that the businesses behind the device downplayed its risks. After this initial NuvaRing Lawsuit, more than 730 other cases have been filed, and the trials for these NuvaRing cases are set to begin this year.

File a NuvaRing Side Effects Lawsuit: Free Consultation

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