NuvaRing Side Effects Lawsuit

August 8, 2012

NuvaRing Lawsuit

NuvaRing LawsuitIn 2008, a lawsuit was filed against the makers of the NuvaRing combined hormonal birth control device. The plaintiff in this case claimed that the extremely dangerous side effects of the NuvaRing (a vaginal ring that releases progestin and estrogen continuously for 3 weeks each month) were responsible for the death of his wife. It is believed that around forty women have died while using the NuvaRing, which is distributed by Merck. Merck is currently facing around 730 NuvaRing lawsuit claims in the United States.

Types of NuvaRing Side Effects

Many women choose the NuvaRing out of convenience because the device is left in the vagina providing contraception for 3 weeks of the month. However, it is actually because of this continuous release of hormones that the NuvaRing is considered more dangerous than many other types of birth control methods. The constant delivery of hormones is believed to cause deadly blot clots as well as other complications that are associated with these blood clots.

These Nuvaring complications include:

What is a NuvaRing Side Effects Lawsuit?

A woman who experiences severe side effects may choose to file a lawsuit against the companies that developed, manufacture, and market the NuvaRing. In some cases, the husbands or family members of a woman that died as the result of NuvaRing side effects may also choose to file a lawsuit claim. Typically, a NuvaRing lawsuit will allege that the companies behind the product did not adequately warn patients of the likelihood of serious side effects. Some lawsuits even claim that the company was aware of these side effects and did not warn consumers.

Do I have a NuvaRing Side Effects Claim? Free Attorney Consultation

If you have experienced any of the above listed side effects following use of the NuvaRing contraceptive vaginal ring, you may have a viable lawsuit claim. It is in your best interest to seek legal counsel as soon as possible in order to have the best chance for a successful claim.

Call the Willis Law Firm today for a NuvaRing side effects lawsuit consultation free of any charge or further commitment. We are now accepting NuvaRing lawsuit claims nationwide.

All NuvaRing side effects cases are pursued on a contingency fee basis; you don’t pay if you don’t receive compensation!

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